How to enable slower burns?

I burnt 3 cd-rs (verbatim inkjet printable 700mb disc 1x-48x) at 8x, the scan below (I’m aware that the 4551 isnt that good as a scanner, but I think its safe to assume that if the NEC says section x of the disc is worse than section y, then another drive would also scan section x as worse than section y).

The problem is from the 70min mark onwards, there is a jump in PI errors. Does it use Z-CLV at 8x?

I would like the end of the disc to be the same as the start, so how would I make it burn at a slower speed eg 4x? My old cd writer did these discs at a minimum of 4x. MediaCodeSpeedEdit only changes dvd codes. Any ideas? Or any suggestions? Or am I just simply burning too slow?

Overall, is the disc burnt at what you would consider good quality? The speed graph is smooth right?

Burning slower than rated gives nothing.

100% false!
Burning at least a little lower than rated may give perfect results!

I think saying 100% false is false. You said burning slower

may give perfect results
. Maybe better, maybe not. But perfect? I think not. It depends on the burner and media whether you get better results or not.

Did you try burning at rated speed or slightly below. You might see that the media burns better than at such a low burn speed as 8x. Slower does not mean better, especially with newer media that is optimized to burn at high speed.

Burning at max speed will NEVER EVER bring the better results than burning at a little lower. CD or DVD - no matter…

That’s an excellent scan in any case. Suggest burning the Verbatim at 24x for best results. Most 48x media will have higher error rates when burned below 16x.

That’s not true. You’re almost right, but since you choose to play the NEVER EVER card you are in fact wrong.

A LiteOn 1635S with YS0W firmware will consistently burn YUDEN000 T03 (Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD+R media) slightly better at 16x than at 12x or 8x speed.

I have scans to prove it, but I’m not going to post them unless somebody calls me a liar! :cool:

Thanks for your replies.
What could be causing the jump in errors at the end of the disc?

and why can faster mean better? I know the dyes are ‘optimised’ for higher speeds, but isnt the disc moving faster therefore vibrating more?

I remember a german magazine somewhere found that 8x dvd discs were made better than 16x discs…

I remember someone on here had a diagram, but the search isnt working for me at the moment.

Sometimes the effect of more vibrations is insignificant compared to the effect of burning at the most optimal speed. For high speed media it is not uncommon that burning at high speed is better than burning at lower speed, except that it’s extremely rare for a DVD to burn better at 16x than 12x (but it happens)!

liar!! :bigsmile:

Oh i’m sorry mr.not-liar but i forgot to change that ‘in most cases’ :stuck_out_tongue:

True, but that’s a thing that could change all the time - so the quality of media does. :wink:
I would choose 8x rated media all the time over 16x rated.

Usually, only people using Princo media have this slow-burn-obsession…

Hell yeah, that’s a really funny (?) coincidence. :wink:


Looky here! :cool:


‘in most cases’ changes your statement quit a bit from ‘100% False’!