How to enable HD-Burn?

I’ve looked in the helpfiles, but it just describes what is does, but not where it is found.

How do I enable this in Nero 6?

I don’t know about Nero, but I DO know that very few drives ever produced support HD-Burn. Are you sure you have such a drive?

HD-Burn pretty much died silently after DVD burners became popular.


So it doesn’t appear if the burner doesn’t support it? I read somewhere that it is in the Choose Recorder page, but that just has two options: Buffer underrun and High Compatibility DVD.

If it doesn’t appear there that means that it isn’t possible?

HD-Burning is awesome, I have been doing it for almost 2 years now. There are a few draw backs though, the first being that only people with HD compatable drives can burn them, or read them so don’t think you will be sharing with anyone any time soon, and finaly the media that you are burning to has to support being burned with twice the level of data. Now provided that you have both of those the last thing you need is Nero 5 or higher, to my knowledge Nere is the only software that supports HD but I could be wrong. If you have Nero then heres what you do. When you first open Nero, or when you click File New, the Nero wizard comes up where you tell it what type of disc that you are burning. If you will notice up in the Left hand corner of the wizard is a little box, I don’t think it has a lable, but it will most likely say CD or DVD in it. If you click the down arrow next to it a drop down menu will appear and you will have three options CD, DVD and HD. Select HD and then in the white collumn bellow that you will have choices for the various types of HD disc that you can burn, the rest is basically just like burning a CD or DVD. On a side not if you don’t have a Burner that supports HD then I personally recommend the Optorite brand DVD burners. All of their DVD burners from 4X to 12X supported HD burn. There first 16X didn’t but they told me they were planning on releasing a 16x that did. They aren’t the fastest drives but I have been very pleased with their quality. use to carry them they probably still do. Feel free to ask any more questions and I will try to help… OH yeah Maxell Media has been the best so far at being compatible.

I’m just going to rain on your parade a little - but it’s for your own good. :flower:

If you write some CDs using HD Burn on your current burner, then what will happen when that burner eventually dies?

You will not be able to buy a new drive capable of reading HD Burn CDs, and it might be difficult to find a second hand drive capable of doing it.

So then your HD Burn CDs can only be used as coasters for your coffee table…

So why not just write some DVDs instead? You will be able to read those for a long time after your HD Burner dies!

That’s all I wanted to say. You can ignore or follow my advice as you see fit. :slight_smile:


I would like to reply to this old post. I have to say that both [B]samhnky[/B] I used an Optorite burner for several years. It worked great ans Sanyo’s HD-Burn technology, which Optorite includes, with Nero worked great.
Click to read about HD-Burn technology.

I like the Optorite people a lot and they allowed me to trade in my CD burner for their DVD±R DVD burner, with HD-Burn.
EVentually, it needed repair and I purchased a Lite-On DVD burner and forgot about the HD-Burn technology. On of the reasons I forgot about it was that, it worked on CDs only. In the last year or so, the cost of DVDs has plummeted to be about the same price as a CD. Therefore, I didn’t think of the archival CDs that I have that are written in HD-Burn format.

Unfortunately HD-Burn did not become a “standard” that I am sure Sanyo hoped it to be. Therefore I seemingly might be stuck with archival data on HD-Burn CDs that I cannot read.

[B]I just wrote a e-mail to Sanyo’s HD-Burn people to see about the possibility of some software/driver that would allow the reading of HD-Burn formated data, so I can recover my archival HD-Burn media. [/B]

It really is a great technology and I am not sure that they ever got to the HD-Burn for DVDs. That would really be powerful as the DVD + RL are expensive when compared to the single sided DVDs. It also is really convenient to have less archival media as well as the fact that Nero handled it so well.

If I find out that I can read the my HD-Burn CDs, I will post it.