How to enable "force-fallback" for LDW-811s?

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That option is ‘grayed’ in omnipatcher. Why ?
Is there any ‘workaround’ to force fallback ?

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PD: Workaround example (I had a dream…): burning at 8x, someway to force buffer underrun protection at 95%… Not easy; a lot of uncontrolled variables to considere: CPU speed, RAM, … puff. Weel, consider this PD as ‘not serious’, though sometimes I enjoy puttin my head at the moon :bigsmile:


If the option is not available it usually means the firmware you are using already has the force fallback option enabled.

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I assumed that assertion as true before; something I read days ago, BUT… given the bad PI/PO results of my latest burnings [mountain effect] it seems it’s really NOT enabled in this drive… 811s.

By the way, it seems my liteon unit ‘forgot’ (!) how to make good-quality burns with a good quality media (RICOHJPNR01) @8x, so, at this very moment I’m doing [re]search about the ‘learning behaviour’ of Liteys.

It seems that Liteon units ‘learn’ from latest 4 burns (so new burns would look better than firts ones), but this may be mediacode-dependent or not. I have made some hard to answer questions in other thread [learning behaviour] and nobody answered yet, because it’s not an easy matter.

Despite the fact no one answered yet those hard questions, it’s clear there is research in the background (for example, C0deking), among others, I’m sure… :slight_smile:

Well, the fact is: “if something (Liteon drive) CAN learn, it CAN forget”. Possibly I’m the main culpruit, given I have been testing different mediacode discs and firmware releases at the same time, making it harder to these low-memory units (compared to live organisms / human beings :wink: to save the learned lessons given I’m forcing them to apply new lessons [new mediacode strategies / calibrations].

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