How to enable 16x on yuden t02 on 1213s@1633s?

I tried burning my first yuden t02 dvd+r using nero and only 8x was available. I used omnipatcher to tweak BS0H . I opened my bsoh.exe and of course the 12x and 16x was not checked for yuden t02. Is it as simple as checking the 16x for yuden t02 and reflashing my drive?

Anyone tried 16x on yuden T02?


You’re wasting your time, you won’t get a decent burn. But if you must, you will need to swap to a strat that allows 16x burning.

I tested yudent t02 on plextor 712A and 1633s. The plextor produced a better burn even @ 12x while the 1633s @ 8x. It seems the BS0H (even with tweaks) does not produce a good burn with yuden t02.

Anyone found a good firmware or tweak for yuden t02 on 1633s to beat my plextor 712A burned @ 12x.

here’s my 8x burn on 1633s
1633s 8x

here’s the 712a 12x burn, perfect burn except for the spike.

A simple speedhack (no strat swaps) of T02 to 12x will produce decent burns. Hacking up to 16x will produce a decent burn up to a certain point, but if you do a full-disc burn, the end of the disc will be problematic. Stick with 12x.