How to emulate a CD burner to create an ISO instead of disc?

Is there some program out there that will emulate the presence of a CD-Rw drive such that arbitrary programs can use it an burn an ISO instead of an actual disc?

I want to use such a program on another machine with various applications that require a CD burner, and then move the resulting ISO files to another machine that does have a burner so they can be burned.

not sure if this is what you need.
you can use the image recorder option in Nero to build an iso
or you could use an app like ultraiso to create an iso

No, unfortunately I need a method where other progs can see some sort of recorder so they can ‘write’ their own discs.

so, um, you want programs to be able to burn to a cd-rw that does not exist ?
hmm, i also want a date with liv tyler

No, no :stuck_out_tongue:

What I mean is that other programs should think they’re writing to a CD-R, when in reality an ISO is being written.

Sort of like the Image Writer in Nero, but it works for any program.

LOL, it doesn’t sound so implausible to me. I mean you can read from CD drives that are not really there by using dameon tools.

I guess nobody has written a burning emulator tool yet.


Way to have an open mind there, Ghosters. :rolleyes:

Jucius_Maximus, what you’re proposing is completely plausible. I’m looking for exactly the same thing. I want to back up my iTunes library without having to actually use any DVDs. iTunes will only “back up” to a CD/DVD burner. :doh:

If I find a solution, I’ll post it here. Good luck, Jucius!

Phantom Drive works.

hth and Welcome @MyCE


P.S.: I wonder why you managed to dig up this fossile thread - as we have some much more recent about the same topic. :confused:

Google search. I neglected to look at the date on the thread before replying. :o

…and thank you for the link. Works like a charm!