How to embed an audio cd serial in mp3 tags?



I am ripping cds purchased over the years to mp3.
There is a serial number on each jewel case and on the cd itself.

Knowing this number will hopefully prevent purchasing multiple cds.

How do I enter these numbers into the id3v2 tags?



The Red book (audio CD) specification does not have such a field as serial number. Is it possible tha you are referring to the UPC for the album? When you say the number is on the case and on the CD itself, what do you mean by ‘on the CD itself’? If you mean human readable printed text on the label, then this info is likely not in the actual data of the disc.

More info needed in order to help.



The number seems to be on each jewel case
and usually on the cd itself.

It’s assigned by the manufacturer and is used by CDDB to identify the cd that has the specific artist/album/song data.

For example. I just ripped two cds:
Steppenwolf Born to be Wild MCAD-31020 and
Steppenwolf The Second MCAD-31021
made by MCA records.

My understanding is when I call CDDB with the cd in the drive, it looks up the data by the that number.

I could type it into the album name ala
Born to be Wild - MCAD-31020
but I’m looking for a way to automate this process.



When you say ‘on the CD itself’, what do you mean? Do you mean you can physically see it on the printed label or it just seems to be there mixed in with the songs?

Unless things have changed recently, the CDDB does not use any serial number. It simply checks the start time of each track (song) on your disc (including the leadout track) and then compares that with entries in it’s database. If it finds an exact match, then that is what it returns. This is not 100% failsafe, but damn close. The chance that 2 unique CDs each have 10 tracks and all tracks are the same exact length from one album to the other is very rare…

As I mentioned above, there is no place on an audio CD to record a serial number. It doesn’t matter what software you use since there is no serial number defined in the Red book specifaction.

I might still be missing something so please give more details if possible.



Sorry Richman I didn’t specify exactly what was meant by “on the cd itself”. The number is printed on both the jewel case and the cd label and I ASSumed it must be somewhere on the bits of the cd.

It never occurred to me that CDDB was not using that serial number which uniquely identifies the cd. Using the start of each track and counting the tracks seems cumbersome and inexact to me.

Since the only way I can definitely identify the cd in a store is by looking at the printed manufacturers number, it seems I will have to type that number in by editing the tag info by hand. Probably add the number to the Album name ala Album_Name - alb1234.

Considering today’s difficult legal climate, it’s quite a disappointment to see that having an original cd bought by me with a unique number printed on both the jewel case and the cd could be considered not enough evidence to prove that my mp3 or other derived file came from that purchased original.

I believe I saw something called ‘diskid’ in the id3v2 spec. Any idea if this is what I’m talking about and if any tag program can insert it when you rip?

Thanks very much for your information and help.