How to edit VOB files with AC3 audio?

I have a lot of music DVD’s with concert registrations and like to make my own “best of” DVD.

What I did until now, is using DVD Decrypter to rip a song as a VOB file, selecting the video and one of the audio streams. The audio can be a PCM or AC3 track.

Because of the continous concert registration, the songs start and end very abrupt. I like to edit the VOB files, that means to cut the video at a begin and end point, and to fade in and fade out the audio.

At work we use Vegas Video and Vegas can import VOB files with PCM audio and then I can cut the video and fade the audio. That works like a charm, but Vegas cann’t import AC3 audio.
So is there a program which can edit VOB files with AC3 audio?

Wombles MPEG-VCR MPEG2 editor can handle VOB files with AC3. Check it out at

I have downloaded and installed Womble MPEG2VCR. Indeed it can read VOB files with AC3 audio and edit it. I am not quite sure that it can fade in and out the audio.
I have 2 days left on the trial version, so I have something to do for the weekend.
If somebody knows how to fade in the audio with MPEG2VCR, I am pleased to hear.
Thanks anyway.

I have used it to fade the video in and out but I also have never been able to do it for audio with this program. Try using GoldWave or Sound forge to do that.

Solo Cambia la extencion de los Archivos de [B]VOB[/B] a [B]MPG[/B] y ya. a mi me funcionó

solo Renombra los Archivos [B].VOB[/B] a [B].MPG[/B] y ya. ami me funcionó

I’m afraid this is an English only forum, apart from the designated international chat areas. You’ll have to translate so that other may understand what you have written…

I believe VideoRedo will read .vobs and AC3 also.

it is very rare to find a program that does everything you need in one. you’d probably have to fad the audio and video separately, though i’m sure you’ve figured that out by now.
the latest Sound Forge will open VOB’s AND MPG files that have AC3 audio, and allow you to edit the audio, and save it as MPG or AC3, but not VOB. Womble MPEG Editor will fade video in/out, and will also allow you to mux (combine) audio and video files, WITHOUT re-encoding unless where necessary, like the parts where you fade. what you could then do is to save the faded AC3 in Sound Forge and mux it with the VOB in WOMBLE, which fades the video, and save the whole thing as a VOB (which Womble also does).
unfortunately, there aren’t many programs equipped to deal with VOB and other DVD filetypes without at least a little technical knowhow, or a LOT of cash. Womble is relatively cheap, but Sound Forge is NOT. i assure you though, depending upon how much you’ll use it, they’re BOTH definitely worth it, as they’re the best in there class, and i use them often myself.