How to edit subtitles for avi---vcd

hi everyone
New to the encoding forum :stuck_out_tongue: … hope you understand my problem

i have successfully converted a AVI to VCD by following the Tutorial
however there is one problem… when i tried to play my vcd into the dvd player… the subtitles doesn’t fit onto the screen … and the colour is very hard to see as well… can i use TMPGEnc to fix/edit this or not?

the tutorial didn’t include a solution to this problem… so plz help


Tmpgenc does not handle subtitles at all, nor does the tutorial posted here support subtitles. How are you importing the subtitles into TMPGenc? Are they a separate file or alrerady hard coded into the AVI?

thx for the reply

the subtitles was already embedded to the avi… when i play the vcd in my computer… there is noting wrong with it… but when i play it in my tv… the subtitles runs off the screen… :frowning:

Maybe try converting to SVCD as thats a wider picture and they then should fit. If the subs were encoded into the picture then they would shrink down to the VCD size the same as the picture.

I have a question about editing subtitles esspecially (Dutch) subtitles
ik have avi movie and i have turnedit to a DVD movie but then i have wanted to turn it in a VOB through DVD supper Ripper because i thought iv i could get it with (dutch) subtitles that would more easy for other poeple to watch the movie that i have downloaded after words i tryd to edit dutch subtitles and iv’e search through google for a program that would edit or tranform a movie without subtitles into a movie with (dutch) subtitle Super DVD ripper doesn’t seem to work i see at Select subtitle channel but is see no dutch or any other sub channel i see standing ( Free Channel ) why is that? I hope that i get a speedy reply about this subject

Many thanks