How to edit out R-rated materials on DVD


I looked around in the forums for this topic, but I couldn’t find anything. Anyway, I just purchased an educational DVD (just a regular DVD movie) for my wife’s 6th-grade class. It contains some R-rated material in one part of the DVD. I was hoping I could edit out the material, either by deleting just the bad part, or by deleting the entire chapter, so she can still use it in class. In the end, I want a new copy of the DVD excluding the R-rated material.

I have the following software (came with my DVD burner)
Nero Express
Nero InCD
Cyberlink PowerProducer
Cyberline PowerDVD


Can anybody help me? My wife is all stressed out because she wants the bad stuff taken out of the video. Let me know if you can…

DvdReMake Pro, This is what I use. You could probably get it free since your wife is a teacher, I did for my church work. It’s great, you can edit the DVD frame by frame.
Here’s the link: