How to edit menus and retiain 1:1 copy



Recently, I have downloaded some torrents that maintain full quality “untouched” movies. (ISOs)

Some of these movies were too long to to fit on DVD-5 media discs…

So the editors of the torrent somehow took out the non-essentials of the dvd; such as special features, and editors cut so it would fit on a dvd5 while still retaining full menu functionality.

What program do I need to do this myself…

Thanks… Peck


Might want to be careful about mentioning downloaded movies. The vast majority on the torrents are copyrighted material, and as such, we are not allowed to discuss copying them here.

Now, if you own your own dvd and wish to remove some sections of the movie you can use DVDShrink and deselect certain parts, like foreign languages, and subtitles you don’t want.

To get rid of more, like extras, you can use a program like VobBlanker or DVDRemake. Or you can make backups with menus and the main movie only using DVDRebuilder Pro.


awesome, thanks a lot Kerry

Can any of these editing programs export an iso?


DVDShrink can output as an ISO. The others I’ve mentioned can’t as far as I am aware, but I don’t use DVDRemake at all. Look in the forum dedicated to its use.

But making an ISO of dvd video is very simple using ImgBurn in Build mode.
It is an extra step, but not hard.