How to Edit DVDs from my DVR

I have produced DVDs using my Panasonic DVR. The original source for the movies may be a TV show, VHS tape, my analog camcorder, or whatever.
Now, I am trying to edit some of these DVDs using my computer.
My DVR manual says it records the video in format mpeg2 and the audio in Dolby. All I want to do at this point is read a DVD, cut out some content, and create a new DVD.
I am really a newbie and I do not know all the formats.
To me, that means editing VOB files and authoring a DVD.

I would like a recommendation of the best tool(s)/process for doing this.
Ideally, I would like to see this work using a trial version before I buy the tool.
So far I have tried an OEM version of Nero 6.3( which imported but lost the sound), and Magix Edit Pro 11, which refused to import a VOB file and says the file is a bad format.

Also, I read about Codecs causing problems. Are the steps I should take to clean up my system before I try this stuff?

Thanks for you help.

From what i’ve read VideoRedo is one of the best programs for doing what you want. I haven’t used it myself but when i do this is the program i’m going to try first. There is a trial you can try and i would check the tools section at because maybe there is a freeware program that will work for you. Make sure you check out the program’s homepage for more info.

First you need to get the MPEG2 titles off the DVD disc, which can be done using DVD Decrypter in IFO mode and file-splitting set to ‘None’. Then rename the .vob file extension to ‘.mpg’.

From there, import into a suitable editor. Having used most of these I agree with sikoone that VideoReDo is very good for editing; you could also try ‘MPEG Video Wizard’ (or its cheaper but equally functional companion ‘MPEG2VCR’).

Then you’ll need an authoring application for burning this edited material to DVD, such as Ulead’s ‘DVD Movie Factory 4’ (which has some editing capability built in). Other people might recomment TPMGEnc DVD Author; another all-in-one.

All these handle Dolby AC-3 audio without having to buy extra codecs, and have the benefit of keeping the MPEG2 video quality untouched from your original recording. They’re also all available on a month’s free trial (except DVD Decrypter which is free).

I use a program called Pinnacle. Kinda expensive and slow but seems to work good.

For what its worth mnfreaker, I have done exactly what you are trying to do using MYDVD from sonic. Dont know if there is free trial though.

OK. I ripped my DVD using Decryptor. I edited using VideoRedo, worked great. But so far, I did not have to rename the files, .vob worked finr for Decryptor and ReDo.
Now, looks like I need to buy another program to burn the new .vob to a DVD. I tried Magix Movie Pro, but I loose the sound when I import the file.(Note I can preview it fine,though). I am about to buy MovieFactory 4. Will it be able to read the .vob file directly, or will I need to rename it? Also, I am a little worried about all the negative reviews for MovieFactory. Any good words for me? Gosh, I am surprised by how much work this is, the amount of software you need, and the amount of problems everyone seems to have. I hope I don’t buy all this stuff and then find out I am loosing video quality in the process

If you want one program that will edit and burn, go with TMPGEnc DVD Author. It burns with the addition of some freeware (Shrink or Decrypter) and it will edit VRO files with no problems, as long as the sourse is good. I have used it for two years.