How to edit BDM file?

I have two SD cards I used for Panasonic Lumix TZ7 camera, which usese AVCHD Lite.

I ran out of space and bought a bigger SD card and now want to combine the videos from the 2 old SD cards so that I can have it for convenient viewing with my camera.

What happens is that if I have index.bdm file from one SD card, the videos from the other SD card are not viewable; i.e. the camera can’t locate it, and vice versa. I suspect that index.bdm file records information about where the video files are, and thus having one index.file doesn’t allow it to realize that there are more videos from the other SD card.

I do not know how to edit index.bdm (althought I tried with notepad without success).

Thank you in advance for your expertise!

I’m not sure of the structure of the index.bdmv file so I can’t help with editing it. You might want to take a look at MultiAVCHD,, to combine the files. Does the software that came with your camera have any editing/joining options?

Thanks for the reply. So I am not trying to combine the video files themselves, but edit the index.bdm file so that my camera will realize that there are more videos than what is specified in the file. Or maybe there is another way to accomplish this?

I’m not sure how to do it but take a look at this tool,

Thanks! I will try the program.