How to edit avisynth script w/dvd2svcd batch encodes



tried searching for an answer to this and i can’t seem to find it. im in the process of converting a bunch of anime to dvd. thing is the subs get cut so i use the “addborders” command for avisynth. thing is the only way i know how to do this is manually do them 1 at a time after the audio conversion step is done with dvd2svcd. so my question is, is there a way to edit the avisynth script and still do batch encodes so can get a lot more done over night? any help is appreciated. thanks in advance.


As you suspect you cant edit the avisynth script when doing batch encodeds. The way I get around it is by editing the AVISYSNTH.INI file in your DVD2SVCD folder to include any special settings needed and select it in the Frameserver Tab in D2S.

For example, I’ve resently converted some letterboxed SVCD’s to 16:9 DVD’s. So I added the LanczosForSVCD_NTSC option at the bottom of the ini file :



great ill give it a try in a little bit and post back with my results. this will save me plenty of time. thanks a ton.


worked great chickenman. thanks again.