How to edit audio track in a movie ..?



I have a movie with a Russian language but the original is English… is there anyway to remove the Russian language and keep the English one …? the movie is AVI format…

thanks in advance …


Most editing softwares allow you to remove, add, and modify both audio and video tracks.


If the movie has russian language, WHERE should the english one come from you wanna “keep”??


harley2ride … could post a name of one of them …?

chef … but the original language is English … so someone added the Russian one to it … do u have a way to remove it and keep the original which is English ? I mean in this case … there is two audi tracks with two different languages …

thanks …


The editing packages I’m familiar with, will be too expensive for what you want. Just go to, and look under the tools section, at video editing software.


DVDShrink will remove either audio track very nicely, and it’s free.


The point is, does that file have 1 or 2 audiotracks, real audiotracks??


thanks guys …

chef … u r right … this is the point … some movies have 2 audio tracks and I think this is ok but some of them have just 1 and this is the problem … I think there is a way like a website offering English audio tracks for movies!

please… any additional ideas I will appreciate it …


Does it have 1 or 2 auiotracks?

And if it has only 1, maybe 1 channel has the russian and 1 the english “sound”?


Try VirtualDub.
It can remove the audio track.


What lovon seems to be asking is…
he has a movie in AVI format which currently only has Russian audio. He’d like to strip the Russian audio and then get the English audio (which was the original audio, but is no longer on it) for that movie and then muxing it with the video.

I’d also be interested in what would be recommended for this that can get the job done with no audio sync problems… :wink:

BTW, DVDShrink cannot do this because it is an AVI file.


nandub would be a good choice for flicks with more than 1 audiotrack.

Otherwise VirtualDub or any of its offsprings is the choice #1.


thanks guys …

I tried VirtualDub and its good just for 2 audio tracks cauz u can remove and keep what u want but there is a problem when I saved the file the size is too large … how can I make it as its original size ? However, VirtualDub is not good if there is just one audio track … but if anyone knows if there is a website offering English audio tracks for movies, it will be appreciated …


sorry guys … there is a mistake …

I got another movie … when I play it … I can hear two languages … English and Russian but the English one is low… so its supposed to be 2 audio tracks but when I used VirtualDub … from “streams” … stream list … I just found 1 … as shown in the pic below :

am I correct when I used streams ? in this case what should I do …

guys … this means too much to me … I appreciate your help …


You have only one audio track. Click on File -> File Information to show AVI Information. Check how many channels it is. If it is only 1 (mono), you can’t do anything about it. Russian and English were muxed as 1 channel. If it is more than one, it could be that Russian is in 1 channel and English in another channel. If it’s the case, convert AC3 to WAV (Save WAV button in the picture above). Maybe there’s a need to use some tool to convert to multi=channel WAV. Use some audio editor to extract the Russian language and save as WAV. Then use Virtualdub to add this audio in.


It has 6 channels as shown below :

I extract the audio as a wav file… is it the smae AC3 file ? how can I remove the Russian language …

thanks guys …


How 'bout this: instead of “Save WAV”, choose Demux (guide HERE). Then use AC3Tool to convert to WAV, checking all output channels. After extraction, play each WAV file to see if one of them only has a Russian language. If it’s mixed together, then it’s going to be a lot more difficult to separate it. You’re going to have to google for some advanced audio editor to do it.

Or better yet, just go find another avi file with just English language.