How to edit an iso



I have a CD image (.nrg), and I’d like to add some files before burning it. I’m running into some problems.

I used MagicISO to save the .nrg as a .iso and then I added the files (in MagicISO). The problem is this: the new .iso has lost all file icons. All my nifty icons are replaced with generic Windows icons, and furthermore all file names are in CAPS. I know it’s no big deal, but it’s kind of annoying. Does anyone know what’s going on?

Or if you can suggest an easier way of adding files to a .nrg (without converting to .iso), please speak up! Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


Use Isobuster or mount the image then create a new image from it…


try “UltraIso” I think it can edit .nrg files


Yes UltraIso works great.

:cool: :cool:


Another nod for UltraISO.
This program is invaluable, I frequently edit image files to keep them updated and UltraISO does this easily.


I use magiciso to edit nrg image without any problem. It seems you have use wrong properties to edit iso image. you can click properties dialog to make sure that you choose “Keep the original filename” as “ISO 9660 filename format”.