How to East Fried Worms and Pirates of Carribean

Just tried copying these movies today. Both fail to read disks. Is this a new copy protection scheme that DVDFAB cannot yet deal with? Also copied a movie (Miami Vice) and at the end after finalizing the DVD I got the popup saying it was complete and another popup saying “Please Insert Media”. Any ideas?

Here is the log from How to Eat Fried Worms

12:53:44: Analyzing of DVD started
12:53:47: Analyzing of DVD completed successfully
12:53:47: Copy process started
13:09:33: Task_1 failed! Error=400(15 3 VTS_01_2.VOB 927059968 333824)
13:09:34: Process failed!

Is this the first time you’ve used the software? Did you split the title? If you split the title it needs to copy on 2DVDs. DVD9=>2DVD5.

just finished burning pirates, no problems.
had that error before and used another software to burn it to hd
then dvdfab to get it disk

Nope, been using the software for quite some time. The only change i’ve made to the system was installing Napster. It apparently installs it’s own built-in version of Roxio to burn directly from their software. Nero has been installed on the system since day 1. I’m wondering if this is causing a conflict? If it is causing a problem, I didn’t think it would disrupt the reading of the DVD, just the writing.

Roxio is a major known cause of conflict for DVDfab. It’s a piece of crap application to boot, Nero is way better and cleaner. Good luck uninstalling Roxio, it parks itself all over the place on your hard disk. I had to uninstall it and then run a reg cleaner to get rid of all the remnants. I’ll never use Roxio again…even if it was free.

My bet is , Once you get roxio off your machine it’ll run fine. Be aware that it may have hijacked some dlls from your other software and sharing them with your other apps. Get rid of roxio first and try your nero and DVDfab, if you still have probs you might have to uninstall dvdfab and nero and rerun clean installs. Major Pita.

i was able to back up both of these dvd’s - i did use dvd fad to put it to hard drive - then used nero to burn disks- maybe that’ll work for u - good luck :iagree:

Hi rhazzon,

It seems your DVD drive is faulty, please try to copy the disc on another drive to see the result.

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I’m at a complete loss here. I’ve tried two different drives and keep getting errors. I finally got one movie to be read by the DVD burner, then when it asked me to insert a blank I got a read error - a box popped up:

Reading/Writing Error Control

Error while reading! Please choose what to do?

Retry Abort Ignore Ignore All

Is this an error message generated by DVDFAB?

I also thought there might be a software conflict so I restored the system from a recent backup (known to be working) and still had problems. I’m at wits end here. Odd part is I can burn cd’s just fine with Nero, burn backups to DVD with Ghost, and read all other media ok.

Recommend you follow Xalky’s suggestions and he’s absolutely right, Roxio is utter crap.
Dump Roxio…take a look at this thread on cdf:
What’s The Program To Completely REMOVE Roxio From Your System?.
Run a registry cleaner…if you need one, RegSeeker is free and very effective.
Uninstall Fab (retain your regkey).
Run the cleaner again and do a new install of Fab.

Good luck and let us know…

i copied pirates of carabbean no prob i used 1 click

Not sure what you mean here, but this is not a decrypting failure. I was able to bkup Pirates (Dead Man’s Chest), no problem…platinum v. Beta, clone mode, perfect as usual.

Hi Rhazzon,

I was getting the same error that your post #8 stated. I was using the new version of platinum. Happened on the first 2 discs I tried. Rolled back to beta and all is well. I posted the problem but no response from Fengtao. Maybe he missed it. :sad:

i used 1 click to decryp[ted and write and it did pirates of the caribbean no problem off the ariginal disc but it wont coppy from coppy disc

Dear all,

Please send us all the .IFO files on Original disc, then we will check the problem.

A recommended way is listed below:

  1. Open an Explorer window, and navigate to VIDEO_TS folder of the DVD.
  2. Copy all files ending with .IFO to hard disk.
  3. ZIP the IFO files on hard disk to one file. Name it with a readable filename, like
  4. Send the zip file to fengtao(at), you need replace (at) with @.

Best Regards,

Backed up Miami Vice and Pirates both “movie only” no probs with DVDFab Decrypter

I reverted my system back to its’ first drive image. That had DVDFAB Platinum installed. Tried backing up Pirates and the DVD-ROM fails, but the backup went fine when I read the original in the DVD burner. I then installed beta and rebooted. Tried backing up Pirates from the DVD burner and I immediately get an abort retry continue message. When I abort the error message is TASK_1 Failed! Error=400(15 3 VTS_01_1.VOB 2048 38912.

If you can do a system restore and do backups using your drive I doubt there’s anything wrong with your drive. But since you replaced DVDFab with the recent version of beta and still getting the error 400 messege, I think you may have a bad copy of the disc.

The only other way to tell is for you to download DVDFab decrypter and see if it will give you the same error messege as well.

I personally have not tried this disc (yet) so I can’t say anything at the moment. Hope this helps.

Pirates of the carribean burned fine for me. I split the disc and burned with VSO which is what I always use with no problems. I always burn using the slowest speed setting. Just watched it and it played perfectly.