How To: DVDFab and ImgBurn Auto Write Speeds

Do you have multiple dvd burning drives?

Do you burn multiple dvd media MIDs?

Do you prefer to use different write speeds for each burner and MID?

There is an easy way to set dvdfab and ImgBurn for your needs.

just set ImgBurn auto write speeds

set dvdfab to use ImgBurn engine and recommended speed

then copy and burn as usual

if you want a video check this out

please post all comments and questions.



edit// this feature may only work correctly with dvdfab v5.1.2.0 and later. :slight_smile:

thanks for the info troy512, setting this all up now…been using imgburn and dvdfab seperately for a while now and never really looked into this part of either program, very nice…thx again

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