How to DVD+R DL Burn

I have just recently acquired the new Sony Dual Layer burner (700a) and today finally got my hands on some DVD+R DL media. But before i begin trying to burn with them, i want to know, is there any tricks or trades that i should do in order to not make a $14 coaster.

Do i just put the original my pioneer DVD drive and then the DVD+R DL media in my Sony DL burner and do an exact copy. Or do i back the disc up on my HD and then burn the data of the HD.

What Programs should i use, and any settings i need to tweak ??

Geppis :slight_smile:

You what? $14 for DVD+R DL media? Where did you get rip off at, CompUSA?

Use DVD Decrypter to rip the DVD to HD 1st, then burn it w/ Nero 6, which supports DL media burning. However, I don’t know if any current DVD decks supports DL media.

If the original DVD is more than 7.9GB-8GB (DL media capacity), you’ll need to use DVD Shrink to custom shrink it to size.