How to? DVD (episodes) to CREATIVE ZEN



[qanda]This thread is about the Creative Zen 16GB. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hey folks. I recently bought a 16GB Kingston HCSD card (futureshop boxingday $19.99!) and now that I don’t have to delete my precious music to make room for video I can put some of my seasons of southpark, simpsons, King of the Hill, onto the memory card and play them through the sd slot on my Creative Zen 16gb player. The difference though, is unlike before when I would just download individual episodes from the internet and convert them using the bundled software, this time I have actually purchased some commercial box sets.
I tried to use DVDFab mobile to rip the individual episodes off of the discs that I want and I tried to customize my settings to rip them into a relatively low quality format (with cartoons low quality looks just as good as high quality on a 2.5" screen IMO) using the DVD to PVP option set to zen vision because there is no zen option. I used the lowest resolution and tried to customize it to about 150mb per episode. After about 50 minutes :frowning: the process completed for 1 episode. I uploaded them to the memory card and when I play the file it was just a black screen with a white bar going through it and no audio. After a few seconds it says “cannot play video of this resolution”.
I assume this is due to the settings that I have used.
Does anybody know of a guide/walkthrough specific to CREATIVE ZEN and DVD FAB and additionally, does anybody know of a good alternative method for doing said process that only uses 1 program and ideally is free? :slight_smile:
Any other suggestions will be HUGELY appreciated!
Thanks a million!


Ok I actually figured this one out. DVD fab works wonders…
except it keeps putting subtitles onto episodes I rip. Even when I uncheck the english subtitles checkbox. wft?
Any suggestions anybody?