How to download using torrents



I found 2 torrents with the same movie, one is a DVDRip 1.36gb and already done 50%, the other is a 494mb with 2 files. Which one should i go for ? the download speeds are more or less the same. The dvdrip one says 1 day 11 hrs to go and the other says 19hours 30 mins to go?

I assume the one with 2 files are mpeg, i gotta dvd burner but havent played a dvd yet, just got it. But i once downloaded ##### and inside the folder i found 100 copies of the same downloaded. :doh:

So, which one should i go for downloading?


maybe if you had worded your post better then it would not look so illegal and against the forum rules…


:eek: didnt realise that was an illegal questions :eek:


VanHelsing is a copyrighted movie

But i once downloaded VanHelsing and inside the folder i found 100 copies of the same movie downloaded.
dont you mean it was split up into 100 files :iagree: you should have just extracted them


no it wasnt split up into 100’s of different files, they were the same movie, i checked most of them they were same and same size.

ok, which1 should i go for now, so i can lower the bandwidth used on my connection? coz at the moment i have both of them downloading


Sorry we cannot help you with an illegal act. Thread closed.