How to download split attachments from newsgroups?



Hi, I’m subscribed to some of the alt.binaries newsgroups, but sometimes people post their files in parts. Can somebody explain to me how to download the files and then create one whole file from the bits? For example, the first message contains some text, and then an inline link to a file, for example movie.dat and it can be saved by clicking on it.
But then, when I click the next message, the file starts immediately, not with downloading but with showing on the screen (like this &@)(UYP:FOIWJFL (*P@$&)(@%U @ etcetera). How can I create one file from the whole? I use Netscape Communicator 4.5


you can select all the posts than choose combine and decode. I don’t use netscapebut I think it should have a similar command for it.


You can always try MasterSplitter, it always worked for me.