How to download earlier versions of AnyDVD

How do you download an earlier version of AnyDVD? I’m currently running the 5.6 version, I would like to reload the 5.4 version. I’m experiencing problems copying my Star Wars III Revenge of the Sith DVD. It hiccups after showing the LucasFilm frame.


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There is no reason to have to divert to older versions of AnyDVD. AnyDVD version is the latest version available and corrects any problems that might exist with any earlier pervious versions. Always use the most up to date version of AnyDVD available to ensure that you are using the most up to date improvements incorporated in the software program.

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I’m currently using AnyDVD version, CloneDVD version, and VirtualCloneDrive version, and I’m still experiencing the hiccups. Any suggestions?

Try using AnyDVD / DVD Decrypter and rip it to the harddrive first. Just change the I/O in DVD Decrypter to ElbyCDIO, and uncheck the box check for structure protection under the general tab.

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Oldversion does not have it. Here is (the latest 5.4 version) as you asked.

Just click on the “free” button on rapidshare, then enter the code letters as it says, it should then download. Once done unzip and run SetupAnyDVD5441.exe.

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Thanks for the info, but still experiencing the same problem (Star Wars Revenge of the Sith continuously repeats the LucasFilm frame).

Did you set “Remove annoying adverts …” in AnyDVD? Try to set AnyDVD to default settings.
Which program did you use to copy? elby CloneDVD doesn’t have any problems with this movie with AnyDVD running.

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Recommend you try what dmp31 advised. I’ve been burning DLs with AnyDVD and DVDD for 2-3 months with absolutely flawless Bkups and no coasters. I also did Revenge of the Sith with v.…so as others have suggested…what you’re experiencing is not a decrypting error. Some folks using Fab reported similar errors, these seemed to be related to compression issues.

I know this is an old thread but I’m sure that this link will be useful to the users here.

Old version of AnyDVD are available here:

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Here’s a place that has almost all versions.

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