How to download DVD when doesnt fit on disc

I just joined and downloaded a DVD that is 2hrs 40min long and I tried to download it onto my disc using NERO and it wont work, probably cuz it wont fit. Please can anyone help me?? I tried to add the chapters in the DVD but doesnt seem to help. DO i need a different program? I dont understand all this tech talk, so need VERY easy to understand advice - …

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I tried your advice and downloaded CloneDVD2. I have downloaded the movie from butnow the “Clone DVD2” program doesnt recognize the DVD and wont start downloading onto the disc Ive inserted - do you know what can be wrong here? I cant access any options in the Clone DVD2 either. Please help, thx

Hi kalaila and welcome to CD Freaks :slight_smile:

Assuming you have read the rules concerning commercial movies and burning programs; what format is the DVD in - for example a folder called VIDEO_TS, or just a single ISO file?

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Lets clarify what you are trying to do also. You “download” from the internet. You “burn” the data onto a CD or DVD. So you should be downloading the file(s) onto your computer HDD (hard drive). Then we need to know what type of file it is (ie: what is the extension, for example movie.iso - iso is the extension or file type).