How to download big files without a highspeed connection

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Unlike a Download Manager, the unique CDPost Remote CD-Burner actually extends the capabilities of your machine. This free browser plug-in allows you to choose downloadable files from across the…

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Yeah right, Download illegal shit, let it burn on a CD and get it delivered to your doorstep. We are already laughing.

Step one: download our free plug-in (so that we can receive all the info of your’computer) Step two: Choose files (so that we can monitor your’e movement and bust more dealers) Step three: CDPost downloads the files for you (we’re looking for you in the phonebook for an adress) Step four: CDPost creates the custom cd and delivers (knock knock hello we’re from the BSA you must be…) TLman.

You guys are both wrong, this is a sponsor of ours, and if you go to their site, you will see their nice reviews on e.g ZDNet