How to do this?

Hello ppl,

Recently I tried to backup my purchased DVD Perl Harbor but CloneDVD must compress it to 54% (only main movie 2:55:48).

Is it possible to copy the movie in 2 DVD’s to have full quality? how?

Thanks for your help

I am working on this guide for DVD Shrink. However, take a look here for how to rip specific chapters. So one disc is chapters 1-25 and disc #2 has the rest. Don’t forget to wind back in the first chapter on disc #2.

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This is a question to CloneDVD author or olli…

Will be possible in the future to select the chapters we want on DVD? this will help to seperate 1 big DVD into 2.
I know this can be done with DVD shrink But I’m just wondering cause I like CloneDVD.

Sorry for my bad english

Yep, that’s coming.


While with DVD Shrink 2.3 when I push Re-author the new window contains the files and I can select the movie and then use the Start/End button, in 3.0 when I push the RE-author button there is no files there…


Thanks for help

Tile both windows vertically (for ease). Drag what you want from the first window to the Re-author window

Hello again,

Today I bought my DVD recorder (Plextor PX-708A) and tried to make my first backup (Pearl Harbor). I’m using CloneDVD trial version for this purpose. The problem is that that it takes about 44 mins to transcode the movie ! is this normal? am I doing something wrong?

Also using AnyDVD with Enable Speed Control (Driver default)

I’ve read somewhere (maybe here don’t remember) that the reading speed is limited to 2x, and there is a trick to increase the speed, I’ve tried it and the DVD reads much faster but can this destroy the drive? If not then why Plextor limited to 2x :confused:

Thanks for help

That may also depend on the rest of your hardware. I think 44min for transcoding almost 3 hours is not that bad.:wink: