How to do the PAL -> NTSC conversion?

Hello, everyone here.

I need to convert my PAL format DVD movies into NTSC format, so I can watch them on my US Region DVD players. But I have no idea how to do that. Could anyone please help me?

By the way, I have just downloaded the DVDFab Platinum free-try version. But I still have no idea how to do the PAL -> NTSC conversion.

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Luke Hu

A good starting point, right here on cdfreaks:

Hi Luke,

Converting from PAL -> NTSC is not that easy, DVDFab cannot do it.

Do a search on google, and you will find some information.

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The easiest way to convert PAL -> NTSC or NTSC -> PAL is described here:

An even easier way around the problem is to get a TV and stand alone player which are completely format and region free.


I followed Mr. Blank-Disk’s method and made my first NTSC DVD out of PAL. It was a success!

The disc played very well on my US Region code DVD player, although not always in perfect condition. A few small squares appear on the screen for about 1% of the time through out the entire film.

If you have (or can get hold of) Nero ver 6.6 and above, you can use an option under ‘make new DVD video’ to import and convert the VOB files for PAL to NTSC conversion and vice versa, although it would take quite a time to do an entire film…