How to do DVD-RAM -> PC -> DVD-R Conversion

I’ve done a search for answers to this question but had no luck or just didn’t ask the right questions so apologies if this has been done to death before.

I have a Toshiba DR-1 DVD recorder onto which I have recorded various off-air broadcasts. On the DR-1 itself I edited out all the adverts.

But I have now bought myself a nice LG GSA-4163B multidrive with the aim of taking the recordings off the DVD-RAM originals and burning them back to considerably cheaper DVD-R or DVD+R to keep. I hoped this would be a quick and easy process.

What I would like to do going forward is to use DVD-RW’s and DVD-RAM to take broadcasts off air and then edit out adverts etc on the PC, which I’m hoping will be much quicker and simpler.

So, if anyone could recommend some (preferably freeware) software I can use for this I’d be very grateful. I am prepared to pay for some software if I get a whole load of people recommending the same thing and it’s a must-have utility.

Links to tutorials and other helpful stuff much appreciated too…


The briefest and yet, crazily, the most complete answer anyone could ever hope for.

Thatnk you very much for that.

Well worth the effort of registering for the site.

Well I’ve tried the trial versions of TMPGenc, Powerproducer, Adobe Premiere Elements and Ulead Videostudio. All of these mentioned in one way or another on the sites linked to by G)-(osters.

Having had a little play with them all, trying to get them to read and edit etc, realising that my original DVD-RAM used Dolby AC-3 sound (which meant in most cases, and extra payment) I have opted for Ulead Videostudio.

Two reasons really;

First I already have an old Videostudio 4 SE that I can use to buy the cheapo upgrade version
Second, because right now Ulead will bundle the Dolby decoder for free with my upgrade
Third because I can order a nice boxed version for only an extra £3
Fourth because it handled the widescreen image correctly (Adobe was appalling for this)
Fifth because it seems to do everything I need it to do for the princely sum of only £27 (under $50)