How to do bitsetting with 2510 v2.06?




Can someone please provide me with instructions on how i can do this. DVDInfoPro 2 will not allow it on this firmware. I have Nero - Will that allow me to set the booktype & if so how ?




2.06 does not support bitsetting for +R or +RW single layer, it does however default to DVD-ROM for DL media. If you require bitseeting for SL media you need to flash your drive with a hacket firmware. Check them out here


Thanks for the reply… explains… I had thought that it defaulted both single & dual to DVD-Rom


If i burn a DVD to DVD +RW with firmware 2.06 and then do a disc copy to DVD -R, will it change the booktype to DVD-Rom because it is a DVD -R?


The booktype is based on the media, not based on what you copy to it.

Every DVD-R will have a booktype of DVD-R. (Because DVD-R media cannot have its booktype changed.)

Also, DVD+RW discs will have a booktype of DVD+RW when burned with the NEC 2.06 fimware. Only DVD+R DL media has has the booktype changed to DVD-ROM with the 2.06 firmware.