How to do a loop in Nero 6 & 7

Hey there, can anyone tell how to take, say 10 song and at the end make them start over again, so they will run in a loop…

any help would be great :slight_smile: I have nero 6 & 7

and with Nero 7.0.14b, there is no other plugin’s ?
and is it right when changing system setting in sometime’s takes awhile to make a change ( say about 10-20 sec) :confused:

It’s not your burner program that does that, It’s your player program. Just put it in repeat / loop mode.

Yeah but isn’t there any other way to make it repeat, like they do on dvd’s for promo stuff in store’s???


ok repeat it is :slight_smile:

Good now send lobsters and morton bay bugs as reward :iagree: