How to distinguish the Good Media with Bad One?



I’m a newbie. I want to buy some media for me, but I don’t know how to distinguish the Good Media with Bad One. Which method is good? Evaluating by software or hardware. Please give me some advice.


The best media is taiyo yuden but most brand name media made in japan are best. I like fuji,sony tdk,maxell. it depends on your writer and its firmware . Are you near best buy, compusa ,staples or target -these stores always have a sale on media-50 for $20 or 25 for $10. Buy one and see if your dvd writer likes this brand. You can go to a site which rates media.
how this helps you?


Yo Jack-

Be real careful with Meritline (read the customer feedback at: )

A much better and extremely reliable vendor is and their shipping fees are 30-50% lower than Meritlines and their prices tend to be lower-

The Taiyo Yuden brand in either CD or DVD is just about the best you can buy as an average consumer-


btw - I’m more than a little confused here-
13 hours ago you were recommending Taiyo Yuden as great DVD media (on another thread)-
then you post this thread 35 minutes ago seeking advice on good media-
what’s up with that-eh??


Welcome, Jack.

I’ll echo the sentiments about TY media and also add Verbatim which is revered by many folks to be right up there with TY.

But … there’s more to your question than you may know. Good media may mean good quality scans (using Nero’s CD-DVD Speed or kProbe software) or it may mean good-enough quality scans + good longterm reliability. Not all ‘good’ scannning media hold up for the longhaul.

Depending on what burner you’re using, maybe check out the specific forum for that manufacturer in the dvd forum section. Check out scans, check out what people are saying about media compatibility, and check out which firmwares are performing the best for those media.



Thank you for your reply about my problem. But I think we don’t need to discuss the review about . So far I think they are good online store for me. It’s my view.



Your reply make me clearness. Thank you.