How to distinct between ISOs with Windows or Linux and x32 or x64?


I hope I put this in the right place. And hope it is not an inane question. But here goes.

I have several DVD with ISO’s burned to them that I didn’t label. Some are Windows, most are Linux. The question is is there a way to find out what ISO in on the disk, whether Windows or Linux, and whether it is x32 or x64.

I got in a hurry and forgot to label the DVD’s. Thanks. :blush:


So the ISO was recreated back to the media is that right? If you did that it would operate just like the original if it was Linux format windows may or may not read and the same in reverse. You just have to pop them in and find out.


Not sure, but wouldn’t that be an use case for Isobuster? I guess that will still not help in distincting between 32/64 bit but Isobuster should be able to read the ISO easily and give you an impression what’s on it.


In official Windows-Isos every version have a lable, in Linux sometimes also. If you, you have to boot with these DVDs to find out


Thanks for the responses guys.


You can also check the size of the ISO image and compare to the disc size.


Thanks TL7.


You’re welcome. #askTheTechLord