How to display/burn subitles with mpg?

Hi there,

can anyone please give me a quick tip on how to:

  1. Display .sub subtitles that came with an .mpg movie? MicroDVD, WMP, NeroSHowtime, none of these seem to recognize there are any subtitles to the movie.

  2. Get NeroVision (or some other authoring software) to incorporate these subtitles into the DVD, just like it does with AVIs?

Thanks a bunch for your help

Update to nr. 1) Spent the last two hours looking for a mpeg-2 codec that would allow me to view the movie in WMP, but all I found was this shareware codec with a logo (ELECARD MPEG 2 Video Decoder) in the upper right corner of the movie and some Stinky’s codec which didn’t work. Anyone have an idea? Isn’t there really a good free mpeg-2 decoder out there?

The Elecard one did however enable the subtitles in WMP as well as the playback of the movie itself.

Yeah, auto-direct vobsub should kick in for any media file if you have the subtitle named the same.

As for a free MPEG2 decoder you could try: