How to dismantle Freecom External DVD writer?

Does anyone know how to open the case on Freecom external DVD writers like the one shown below?

There is a single screw on the rear panel (underneath the warranty void sticker)and it looks like the top unclips.

I’ve just bought one (model code: ILHCAA, 20x speed) and I would like to confirm the identity of the drive inside before crossflashing, and if possible replace the drive with a Samsung.

The existing drive is a Lite-On with Freecom firmware (model RW20J6, firmware 9F51, dated 2007/09/07, boot code 0F5A & Flash ID EF14000E). My best guess is that it is an A4 drive, but I would like make sure.

Thanks :flower:

Found two more screws, under the rear rubber feet (none under the front feet). The top can now be lifted up at the rear. It appears to be clipped in place in the middle & front, but I don’t want to risk forcing it yet.

Problem solved. It’s actually very easy to dismantle, just don’t force anything.

  1. Remove warranty void sticker on the rear and the screw beneath.
  2. Remove rear rubber feet and undo the screws.
  3. Slide the top cover forwards and lift off.

The drive inside is a Lite-On DH-20A4P as suspected.

Could you make a firmware dump from your drive? Thanks!

Hello blackened2687,

The Freecom 20J6 is now crossflashed to a Lite-On DH20-A4P, but I saved a copy of the Freecom firmware first. As a Freecom it had no bitsetting or Hypertuning.

Enjoy. :flower:

[I hope the link works]

A couple of gremlins:

Put an Optiarc AD-7203A in the enclosure. Worked except for secure audio extraction with dBpowerAMP - burst mode OK, EAC secure mode OK. :confused:

Swapped that for a Samsung SH-S202N - worked perfectly. :cool:

Changed to a Philips SPD6005T (rebadged SH-S202N). CDs are fine (reading & writing), but couldn’t write DVDs - ‘device not ready’ error in Nero. Changing the drive jumper from master to slave solved that problem. :smiley:

Wouldn’t life be boring if everything just worked first time. :iagree:

[B]Ibex[/B], thanks for dump! Great addition to firmware collection :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=blackened2687;2725746][B]Ibex[/B], thanks for dump! Great addition to firmware collection :)[/QUOTE]

I’m glad someone is collecting these things. Thanks again for the PX-890SA firmware. :flower::flower: