How to disassembe samsung external dvd writer sm-H182

Anybody have disassembling info 4 samsung external USB dvd writer. Appears 2 be screwless & has plastic sides that snap into place. Please advise Thank You:rolleyes:

Correction 2 model #Sn-H182 is #S82M.

So when you took it apart did you not first label them so as to not forget where the screws and parts go? That would’ve been the first thing one does with small screws and parts on drive such as that.

no difficulty with screws & small parts was unable to succesfully remove drive from case cause there where no screws except on back where fan is & 2 more that may secure back board 2 case. All where removed as well as plastic sides but nothing gave. there is a hole marked,“LOCK”. Whether requires key or not is a question.

there is a hole marked,“LOCK”.

That hole is usually for a Kensington cable lock. Generally speaking you might have a screw hidden under a label or other decoration.

Sometimes, additional screws are hidden under the rubber feet of the enclosure.


Thank you 4 replies guys. On the bottom toward front were label which covered 2 screw holes. Once report unit slipped rite out of case. Thanx again :bigsmile: