How to disable WOPC/BOPC in 1620?

So the drive can give a straight transfer write line (or at least not to many slowdowns), hence burn faster…

for recommended media (MCC004, T02) they are always burn very well so no need for B/WOPC on these, IMO.

Plextor dvdburners have Plextools that can disable PowerRec and AutoStrategy.

I was wondering about this too, not that I need it because my burns look good…but I’d like to see what it gives. :slight_smile:

zevia > Good question !

Perhaps it is because of the WOPC that the burns are so good?
You trying to knock your 1620 down to the level of your 716? :stuck_out_tongue:

Future BenQ special tool should disable this option.

Sen’s right - this info came the Benq presentation we saw though we were also told that time savings will only be in the matter of a few seconds. The expanded capabilities of the integrated tool will released in stages, apparently but from the presentation, it is very promising indeed.

btw zevia, you ought to try the 3500A and see AOPC slowdowns for yourself (as a comparison with WOPC).

Said future special tool work for previous BenQ 1620 owners?

you bet.


Yes ! :smiley:

Thanks folks, so when is this “future”?

Yes, but as I said first class media such as MCC004 or T02 (or perhaps T03 next) won’t need WOPC. That’s why plextor autostrategy said “good for low quality media” (although it didn’t work for 1st class either LOL). Of course if I have a low quality media I would enable WOPC. Unfortunately I won’t buy low quality.


So are you saying autostrat should be set to off on 716 ?

Around a month time.

No I’m saying that the autostrat doesnt work yet (even for 1st quality media).


well…soon to be released…

I don’t know about the Benq 1620 and its AOPC. But i turned AOPC OFF on the NEC ND-3500A for some tests with my modified firmware. 2 out of 3 discs were coasters with AOPC switched off.


EEk! It sounds like we’re getting autostrat for the 1620. If you can selectively turn off WOPC, thus invalidating most of the write strategies, then there must be something that makes up the difference. Oh my. No autostrat please. I’m not going to jump right into the next firmware upgrade. Not this time.

And the time difference was minimal IIRC.