How to disable PF Usage?

Hey, Im not sure if this belongs here or not but here it is anyway. Im trying to disable the page filing or PF usage on my computer but i cant manage.

When i do it in the settings and click on don not use PF i run the task manager and it still comes upp with 200 megs or so of PF.

Just wondering how to get rid of all that and use only the RAM and not hard drive space as ram as that slows things down (I think) Any help on this would be nice, Thanks

If you have more than one HDD then you should turn it off for that one as well. It looks like your running on just RAM, since you commit charge is 1GB the same as your total RAM. Your simply paging into RAM :slight_smile:

Right click “my computer”->properties->Advanced->Settings->Advanced->Change->
Select each drive & select “No Paging File”.
OK ->back to desktop

Windows tags the memory as paged, even if it has nowhere to be paged to.
It’s really just ram locations which haven’t been used for awhile or the program doesn’t expect to use often.

Swapfiles are used, when the sytem, or more to the point, a program runs out of it’s allocated real ram.
Many programs request alot of memory above what they need, and windows allocates a large chunk of “paged” (can be written to swap) ram as well as an amount of “unpaged” (must remain in real ram) ram.
The program can then put non-essential data into the paged area (which may or may not be written to the HD).
Programs designed as such have (hopefully) been written correctly and only stick rarely accessed data in the paged area.
You shouldn’t notice any difference in performance under normal conditions, but no swap file will mean it’s more likely to get “out of memory” errors.