How to disable one of two audio on DVD?

My friend recently let me borrow a movie. It was a VCD so it doesn’t work on my dvd player (it was a dvd/vhs combo). So I converted it to DVD compatible using IsoBuster and TPMGEnc Authoring Works. The DVD works on the computer and the dvd player but when I play it on the dvd player it plays with both audio at once (cantonese and mandarin). When I played it on the computer it didn’t have that problem. It only plays cantonese by default and I don’t even have the option of switching it to another audio track. How come this happens when I play it on the dvd player? i just want to be able to switch between the audios or get rid of one altogether (i don’t need the mandarin track). Can someone help me out? :sad:

You need to find out if there are two audio streams on the finished dvd. Open it with DVDShrink and on the right side of the window you should be able to see the audio streams on the disk. If two show up, you can deselect the Mandarin track by removing the check mark in the little box next to it, then hit Backup to start the process of copying the dvd without the Mandarin track.

If you have only one audio stream, you’ve got a more complicated situation, and may have to start over from the VCD. Demux the VCD with TMPGenc and see if there are separate audio streams at that point.

i opened the dvd with shrinks and there is only one audio stream. So how do you demux the video with TMPGenc?

I don’t have TMPGenc Authoring works, but in TMPGenc Plus or the free version of TMPGenc, you hit File, then Mpeg tools to get to the Muxing/demuxing options.

If you just want to examine the vcd for number and type of audio streams before demuxing, you could use Gspot Video Utility or MediaInfo to find out.

Technically I think it would have to be an svcd to have separate audio tracks though. SVCD and VCD are not formats I have much experience with.

I am not quite sure what am I doing. i click mpeg tools and i assume demux is the same as demultiplexing? i ran the program but it only spits out one audio and one video output…so am I doing something wrong?

No, probably not. I’m just working in the dark here. If I had it, I’d probably be trying various tools to examine and work with the audio to see if I could see two separate tracks in it. I’m really a little surprised you didn’t see the two audio tracks in TMPGenc Authoring Works when you first converted the vcd.

If you play the demuxed audio stream from the vcd in VLC media player, which language are you getting?

You might try importing the demuxed streams into TMPGenc Authoring Works and see if there is a difference when trying to make the dvd. See if you can find the two tracks of the audio now within TMPGenc.

when I play the demux audio file…the language i get is cantonese…no sign of mandarin just like when i burned the vcd to dvd.

how do you import the demux streams into TMPGenc? i am sorry but again this is my first time messing with these things.