How to disable Magix / Vegas pop-up ads after Windows startup


After Magix took over Sony’s Vegas products, they became rather aggressive with advertising their latest products especially to those on earlier product versions. For example, Movie Studio Platinum 14 (previous version) now displays pop-up ads after exiting the program in addition to when launching it. Just recently, it started also displaying pop-up ads without even using the software.

The following pop-up ad is an example of what appears shortly after booting into Windows:


This is triggered by a scheduled task that is triggered to run after logging into Windows. Here’s how to disable that ad:

  1. Go into the Start menu -> Administrative Tools -> Task Scheduler
  2. Click on Task Scheduler Library on the left (1)
  3. Right-click on Connect (2), then click ‘Disable’ (3):

To disable the pop-up ads in Movie Studio (including Platinum, Suite, etc editions):

  1. In Movie Studio, go into the Options Menu -> Preferences.
  2. Go into the General tab
  3. Clear the checkbox “Use news feed to stay informed about VEGAS product updates”:


From what I’ve heard, they don’t plan making any bug fixes to these older versions. For example, Movie Studio Platinum 14 does not support MP4 video recordings from the latest Elgato Game Capture software, as imported video appears solid green in Movie Studio. The only workaround is to disable its buggy compoundplug.dll (e.g. rename it), which solves the green video issue, but leads to intermittent AV sync issues.