How to disable Liteon's learning?



Liteon burner has the Learning function,it can learn itself,but after some burned,it always suddenly give me a bad burn, and after that give me more and more bad burn until I restore the backuped eeprom,I’m crazying… :a


code65536 has a drive that’s the same. Even my BenQ can do the same as well. Disabling it would require a firmware patch, as there’s nothing in the EEPROM to disable it. I’ll add it to my list of things to do, but sorry, it may be a while before I can do it. What drive do you have?


Sony DRU710A.

the media : TYT02 , MCC003 .


will there be any advantages with disabled media learning? as the drive thinks everytime that it burns for 1st time…


denglu3, MCC003 is the media the upsets my BenQ over several burns ;).

chok0, there will be an advantage if your drive burns better after a reset learn then after several burns of the same media. I haven’t had a Liteon that was like this, but I know some have.


i get only good burns after a reset, the 1st and 2nd discs are ok, the rest is crap. and i burn always quality media.


Too bad you cannot get the reset in some sort of batch file. BTW, do any newer Liteons have this problem, such as the 1693?


I wonder how liteon store the “learnt data”,I reset the eeprom ,save the eeprom data,burn MCC003,save the eeprom data,compared those two file,the offset between 0x60-0x90 had been modified.I did these steps again,change media to T02,and found the offset that had been modified are same to MCC003 burn? Because somebody had told me that liteon store “learnt data” relating to MediaID,why the offset are same…


There are two areas used for the learn. One is a burn log of the last 4 burns to different discs. The second is an offset table for some media (not all) where the learn data is stored. The second value is sometimes left at 0xFF, if the default learn value does not need adjusting.


What firmware?


with CS0P there seem to be no problems. but with all previous (BY(0/X)x, BS0x, CS0C to CS0M) i had pi>200 and pif>8.

burned 6 verbatim 8x -r media with cs0p, they even give better results as all other +r media i used with older firmwares. the last disc (burned yesterday) had pi>90 pif>4.


Is there now, or will there be a tool to reset EEPROM in a BenQ (1620) drive?


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One day there might be one. In the meantime my tests indicate that flashing to B7L9 seems to do this ;).
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That’s interesting. I’m quite impressed with CS0P, myself. Less jitter and better read quality in other drives :slight_smile:


Why I can’t find CS0P with sony id firmware in your release ?
the download link show "CS0P - patched - cf - ledfix (includes Sony ID version) "


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Oops :o. Well spotted. Try downloading it again now :).
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you are the NO.1 :slight_smile:


Thanks. I believe you’re right. :slight_smile:


I agree with the PIE/PIF results comparing CSOM to CSOP. I defianately got better results with CSOP. CSOM failed alot o my burns, alomost tempted me to switch back to BS** firmwares for the 1633S.


Yeah! CS0P is great!

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Will you make a commandline/console version of Learning EEPROM reseter?? I think modifying Firmware maybe too time-consuming! :slight_smile: