How to disable LightScribe media detection?

Is it possible to disable/skip the process of media detection?

And use the Generic Mode Printing?

Actually, I want to use the non-LightScribe disc, just to see how it burns it. :confused:

i was curious of the same thing, actually i was curious how it would work on thermal disc’s from TY. However im not sure how that tech works.

one thing i do know about light scribe is that they put a dye that reacts to the lazor light, which helps you see the image better…

but the question does still remain, how much of the picture is the dye and how much is the lazor (burning it)

There’s a sort of ‘bar code’ of indexing marks around the hub of a lightscribe disk so unless you print a transparent hub label that mimics this you won’t be able to lightscribe a regular disk. If you did this it would probably burn ok because Lightscribe printing uses the same laser as is used for burning.

I would like to know how to disable the media check. I just bought my HP printer with lightScribe and big Verbatim pack of “inscribable” DVDs however the drive won’t recognize the media. Most likely as you described the Verbatim disks don’t have the bar code around the hub. I see my drive has a small LED that is at a fixed position where the bar code is. There must be a software or firmware option to disable this detection (Linux or Mac OS X). Anyone know? Be aware of the media you buy.

Hi :slight_smile:
Just disable LSService.
Right click Computer in menu, then Click on Manage > Services & Applications > Services > Double click on LightScribeService Direct Labelling Service.
Select Manual > then Apply.
Click on Stop button.
Close windows.
When you want to use use it.
Do the above, just click Start button in final choice.