How to disable auto eject?



Greetings. I tried looking around for an answer to this…no luck. So here’s my silly question that maybe a new mother or father out there in CD Freaks Land can relate to. After I burn a DVD, does anyone know how I can force either…

[li]Windows XP
[/li][li]my BenQ DW1620 drive
[/li][li]something else…
[/li][/ul]…to NOT auto eject after the burn completed? Why, you ask? Well…this may sound silly but…If I let a burn process run unattended, and if my toddler happens to stroll by the computer and sees the cool looking shiny disc sticking out of the computer…guess what happens to my new burn? It’s usually gone, smudged, taken into the next room, dropped in the toilet, etc…

Any ideas how to prevent auto eject after a burn?!


This is a function of the application you are using to burn the DVD. Most will have a setting within preferences/options to enable/disable this.

In Nero (Burning ROM) you’ll find it by File/Preferences & Expert Features. At least it is with the later versions.

Kids are so lovely when they’re young aren’t they.


Howdy. Thanks for the note, TimC. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. I have “Do not eject the disc after the burn is complete” selected and it’s been Applied and Saved.

All I pretty much use is DVD Shrink which automagically uses Nero for the burning (Nero v6.6.0.15). Any ideas what else I can do so my discs won’t auto eject after the burn?? Thanks!!!


Well you could let Shrink create an ISO file & then burn separately but I can understand that this might not be automated enough for you. If you did this then I’d use DVD Decrypter for burning.
I seem to recall that this problem has been raised in the past & even within some of the Nero functions this flag is not passed over.


Ha, I know this may be 4 years too late and kids grown up … but you could set CDR.exe:

that programatically opens/closes cd/dvd tray to run after burn completes :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice 1 jumpmanlives, ty! :blush: Very funny thread, lolz… Anyway, Nero 11 screenshot @

Pls excuse teh bump xD


Better use Imgburn!!

And you can do it properly by hacking the reg if you want.