How to differentiate btw mp3->wav cds and 1-1 cds? mp3->wav->mp3-no quality loss,how?



Hi, I have a few cds.

I want to find out which are the ones which I copied directly from an original cd, 1-1, and which are the ones that I downloaded as mp3s and converted them to wav, cd format.

Is there any program that can help me find out?

And, those cds that I burnt which once were in mp3 format, can I convert them from wav back to their original mp3 format without losing quality using some kind of special software?



If my memory serves me well, there is such a programme. But because I’ve forgotten its name, you will have to google for it. The other way apart from buying expansive software is to rip one track, load it in a sound editor (e.g. Neros’s) and have a look at the frequencies. mp3’s tend to be cut off at slightly above 16 kHz, and even if encoded at 256 or 320 kbps the space above 18 kHz should hardly be used. Real 1:1 copies show frequencies up to 22 kHz or more, and these sounds – although inaudible – are distributed evenly over the track.


Any other suggestions?

And how do I convert a WAV which is formerly an MP3, back to MP3 without losing quality?


If you load the mp3 in Nero’s audio editor, it will be converted internally. As long as you don’t save anything, you will not suffer from a loss in quality by recompression. (Whatever quality you have in mind talking about mp3’s.)

If you do have wav’s already, why do you want to re-convert them? I’m not sure you’ve made your point clearly.

Whatever file type you’re having, load it into Nero’s editor or into Audacity (= freeware) and have a look at the frequencies.


you can donwload tau analizer v1.2


Thanks for the reply.

What I mean is I downloaded a few mp3s sometime ago and converted them to cd format to play on my cd player. Now I want to extract out the music without recompressing them again to mp3s to put the music into my mp3 player as I have deleted the original mp3s.

I want to find out if there is anyway to convert the wav extracted from the cd back to it’s original mp3 format without losing any quality.

I hope u get what I mean.


I’ll try tau analizer. Thanks.


That’s impossible, I’m afraid. Imagine you’ve recorded a TV programme of 60 minutes on vhs tape and later digitalized it to burn a dvd. You wouldn’t try and re-record it on vhs to get the same quality back, would you? The first step was compression the wav to mp3. That’s a lossy format. Then YOU decompressed it, accepting further loss of quality. Another step of squeezing it would degrade quality further. It is easier to store the mp3 files on a cd-rw or dvd-rw.


Actually, going from MP->WAV doesn’t reduce quality, it just gives you a much bigger file with the same quality. It’s only when you go into a lossy format like MP3 again that you lose quality.