How to differentiate a fake Verbatim 4x DVD+R media



how to differentiate a fake Verbatim DVD media

recently i found tat got ppl sell Verbatim DVD in cheap price…

i scare it is fake , so i wan some help from u all…

wat is the code for real orginal Verbatim 4x DVD+R ???


MCC 002 is the MID code.

Please correct me if im wrong, but im pretty sure there isn’t any fake Verbatim 4x media around (or any other fake 4x media these days). As long as its Verbatim branded then it should be ok.

Fake Verbatim media is usually sold under different brand names, there are very few fakes that are actually branded as verbatim.


then can i buy it? coz its prices really cheap compared with the current market prices.


It’s entirely possible that they are cheaply priced because they are 4x discs. I know there’s fake 8x MCC media, but I’ve never heard of fake 4x MCC and it’s very unlikely faked 4x MCC would show up at this point.


There can always be old stock of fakes lurking somewhere but agreed, it’s very unlikely.

Maybe someone who has genuine MCC002 at home could post the stamper code? During the time those were sold, I used only -R media so I’m of no help. :frowning:


And the winning stamper code is… 4027E1113+04695B11. This is off a “Movie Reel” packaged MCC 002, though I doubt it differs from the regular discs.


I have found verbatims have generally (at least where i live) had a price fall.

Not necessaily fake.

I would also say the cheap price is because they are old - 4X


I can only give you details for the MIS ones. These are off a Mitsubishi branded disc, but they should be the same or similar for Verbatim :

Stamper code : ZC2871-DVR-W47B
Serial no : VW3726HA076653


Stamper: ZC1946-DVR-H47A
Serial: VH3321KA225736 (in black)

Verbatim 4x DVD-R, made in Singapore.