How to determine the quality of burning


Please suggest an application to read back and analyze DVD +R SL and DL burning quality.


If you have a Plextor drive, then Plextools is the right software.

For liteon drives CD-DVD speed or Opti Drive Control and KProbe are the best options.

If you use Linux, QPxTools is the only software I know.

Hi, thanks - I installed Opti Drive Control 1.47

For some reason transfer rate doesn’t try to exceed 2.5x with external Liteon DVD USB drive and 1X with internal Liteon SATA DVD …
while disc quality reads on much higher speeds.

I couldn’t find either any corresponding settings.
Is it a limitation of unregistered demo version?

Check if DMA is enabled. I don’t think that the software is the real problem :slight_smile:

Sure, DMA is enabled. I checked also other DVDs - thre reading speed is stuck to 2.4x with external USB and to 1x with internal drive. While disc quality read happens somewhere at 6-8 x.

The Opti Drive 1.47 I downloaded and installed doesn’t work as expected.
There was earlier a similar software to Optidrive, which worked normally and still was freeware. Now it seems to be disappeared or is replaced with this poor chargable Opti Drive. What happened to it’s predecessor and what was it’s last version? Even if there was any problems, it was free and without limitations to test.

I installed it also to other PC with SATA DVDRW, (where there is no DMA ) but still the transfer speed is somewhere below 2.4. It looks like it remains close to the level of the very first sectors.
Perhaps this function may be disabled in trial version or just a bug.

You might mean CD/DVDSpeed.
So here it is.