How to determine the physical location of a file in a CD?

I generated an ISO with mkisofs, and burned it with Nero under wondows.

The log of mkisofs is :

Cache hit for ‘/…’
25 25 cd/autorun.inf
26 32793 cd/b.bin
32794 32795 cd/Start.c
32796 32808 cd/Start.exe
32809 32823 cd/Start.ico
Writing: Initial Padblock Start Block 0
Done with: Initial Padblock Block(s) 16
Writing: Primary Volume Descriptor Start Block 16
Done with: Primary Volume Descriptor Block(s) 1
Writing: End Volume Descriptor Start Block 17
Done with: End Volume Descriptor Block(s) 1
Writing: Version block Start Block 18
Done with: Version block Block(s) 1
Writing: Path table Start Block 19
Done with: Path table Block(s) 4
Writing: Directory tree Start Block 23
Done with: Directory tree Block(s) 2
Writing: Directory tree cleanup Start Block 25
Done with: Directory tree cleanup Block(s) 0
Writing: The File(s) Start Block 25
Total extents scheduled to be written = 33009
Total translation table size: 0
Total rockridge attributes bytes: 0
Total directory bytes: 2048
Path table size(bytes): 26
Done with: The File(s) Block(s) 32834
Writing: Ending Padblock Start Block 32859
Done with: Ending Padblock Block(s) 150
Max brk space used 21000
33009 extents written (64 MB)

I would like to know if it is possible to determine the physical locaion of the file b.bin on the disk, I mean, I need the diameter of the start and end circle for that file, so that I know in centimeter how far it is from the center of the disk

I expect some error rate in the calcul, but I just need a precision of about 1/4cm

Is it possible to compute that calcul from the log ? Are there tools to measure it under win or lin ?