How to determine the filesystem of a DVD+R?


I am just wondering if there is a way to determine which filesystem a DVD+R was written in. I have a disc here and qould like to know if it’s written in ISO, UDF, or maybe both. All that windows explorer shows me is “CDFS”, so how can I get that information from the disc?



If you have Ner0, Nero Info Tool…
I believe you can DL’d separately …

Here’s the link…

You said you checked with explorer? use My computer and right click drive with disc in it >properties, and see file system…
I could have posted all responses in 1 post I know,but I’m checking back periodically after the time limit…sorry…

If you are using XP, open any window. click on Tools, Folder Options, View, check Show Hidden Files, uncheck Hide Extensions For Known File Types, and uncheck Hide Protected Operating System Files. Now you will see all file extensions when you open any CD or DVD or folder.

I know this is an old thread, but it’s still open and the link to the Nero utility is dead, so here’s another way.

View the optical disk in ISOBuster. Expand the tree on the left far enough to see the files in the Track #, and the file system[s] will be identified with an icon
(legend - )
then, if you right-click the volume name next to the icon and choose [B]Properties[/B], on the Advanced tab of the dialog that opens it will tell you the [B]File System[/B] type there, too. There can be more than one file system in a track, of course. e.g. most bootable CD/DVDs have both [B]ISO9660[/B] and [B]Joliet[/B] file systems with pointers to the same physical files.

I would post a screen grab of that dialog, but attachments aren’t allowed here; a linked img BBCode would end up as dead as the Nero link eventually (as that help section link probably will, too).

Hope that helps.

edit: Here’s the current nero infotool link -
Note that’s nearly 29MB compared to ISOBuster’s 4MB.