How to determine playback order?

I want to be able to choose the order of the titles. I am aware I can use the “FastPlay” green arrow feature, and that helps, but is there anyway to have total control of playback order on the resulting DVD?

Side info: I love CloneDVD because I can strip out all the menu and crap on the kids movies we buy. Sometimes however, there is a title or two that I want to be displayed before the main movie, or even after. Anyway, this seems like a simple task given the power of CloneDVD. Thank you for all replies.

I don’t think you can do this in CloneDVD as you cannot reorder the titles, and they will always copy in numerical order.

You have 2 options I think.

  1. Use DVDShrink (either as a ripper or after you’ve ripped with Clone) in reauthor mode. Here you can choose what you want on the DVD and in what order.
  2. Rip to HD and use another program to edit the IFO/BUPs to change the playback order.

I don’t have any experience with option #2, so you’ll have to do some searching in the other areas of the forum.

i believe clonedvd automatically orders things from longest to shortest (in terms of playback time)

you can use Firstplay (the green arrow) to select what should be played first, but that’s the extent of clonedvd2’s ordering capabilities as far as I know.

I went to CloneDVD because DVDShrink is no longer a supported application. It’s dead. It sure would be nice if CloneDVD would give ordering control to the user. It’s beyond me why the application would use some pre-determined logic to determine order when the User could CHOOSE the order they want. Each title is ripped down to a file anyway, clearly the application has full control over order. BAH!!!

instead of getting upset about it, shoot an email off to them and see if they have a reason why. when they don’t implement a valuable resource it could be due to program limitations (for example, it’s been explained over and over why they can’t let you cut by frame rather than chapter even though shrink does do that)

in the meantime, there’s no reason to “switch” programs. both DVDShrink and CloneDVD2 are great programs that still have their place. I use both regularly. don’t throw one out just because you have the other. they can actually work quite well together. Each has it’s different strong points.

CloneDVD2 only orders longest to shortest in the viewing pane (makes it easier to pick out the main title). I believe the disc is still burned in numerical order.

I don’t know however if the first play green arrow renumbers the title (ie burns title 4 as title 1 so it is played first) or if it just changes the play order in the IFO.

On a side note, I would run anything reauthored in DVDShrink through PGCEdit, as it will find and correct errors created by Shrink.

i use shrink a Cdvd2 togather CONSTANTLY.

i like shrink’s compression results better, but i hate that you can’t cut and still kep menus.

in clonedvd2 i do all of my removing of titles and trimming chapters in DVD+r DL mode and save to .ISO then i use shrink to shrink the whole thing to single layer size. then i burn the ISO with ImgBurn.

sounds crazy, i know, but i like my way. i get the best of all worlds. clonedvd’s ability to do some reauthoring while preserving menus, dvd shrink’s deep analysis feature, and ImgBurn was designed for burning images so why not!

You can save yourself some time: Don’t let CloneDVD write the files to .iso. Just write “files” and use Shrink on them.

I agree! This would save her some time she could rather spend with me! :bigsmile:

Tru, you’re right! for some reason it never occurred to me to do it that way. it doesn’t take long for clonedvd2 to create the image anyway, but processing in shrink takes up a good chucnk of time so every little bit helps.

@James, if only you were serious :sigh: :wink: