How to determine origin of Sony DVD+R media?


I was just wondering where the brand new Sony D21 I just purchased were produced - there is no “Made in …” brand on the package, so how can I determine where they were produced?

Is there an overview about possible places for production of Sony DVD media, and oppinions about the quality to expect for each?

Hmmmm well if there’s a code in the hub or somewhere on the discs you should post it here as that can often be traced back to where it was made.


thanks cd pirate, but it was my fault - because I didn’t look properly on the package.

My Sonys are Made In India - what do you think about them?

Well I heard that MII Sony aren’t as good as MIT/MIJ Sony. Not sure about which manufacturing plant makes the MII Sony.

You could try them out but I would only buy a small quantity to test with. I’m a cdfreak so I’d buy plenty of things that look interesting and are cheap :stuck_out_tongue:

MII sony is made by MBIL for sony !

From what I heard it variates much more in quality as the daxon and sony made stuff.