How to determine if liteon 32x is "S" or "W" model?

Asking on behalf of a friend as who owns an Iomega 32x and wants to o/c it to 48x.

Assuming that it is a liteon OEM, how do I find out?

Some probably helpful threads:

BTW, I understand that Liteon started selling the 32125W series from Apr onwards.

Since the 32123S is apparently not OC’able, your friend might perhaps

  1. Take a backup of the current firmware from the drive using mtkflash

  2. Flash the drive using the 48x firmware vs02.bin, again using mtkflash.

If step 2 is successful, the drive is a Liteon and will now work at 48x12x48x.

If step 2 results in a “dead” drive, the drive is not a Liteon / maybe a Liteon 32123S

It is usually possible to resurrect the drive using mtkflash and the backed-up firmware.

It is also possible your friend’s drive may never be reborn again