How to determine if burner or media is bad?

hey, i got a nec 2510 with ritek g04 dvd-r, both from newegg. burned 10 discs, 3 had crc errors. i rma’ed the drive, got new one back and burned 10 more discs, 2 had crc errors.

at this point i’m inclined to think that it’s bad media. but is there any way to really know?

Firmware version and media ID can help more. With more information, post in the NEC forum so that there could be more helpful replies. Otherwise, Ritek G04 4x DVD-R media is not good enough for ND-2510A in my opinion. Prodisc and CMC 8x DVD+R media seem reasonably priced these days though I’d rather get TY 8x DVD+R.

Try different media, anything but G04

You could try using Herries 107v2b5 firmware, which uses a better write strategy for RitekG04 media.
However, using hacked firmware would void your warranty or RMA rights.